What is the premise? The plot? The story?

While the Northern Hordes that have gathered in the Burned Lands of the North are “primitive, uncivilized, and savage,” they have been given common cause and have fallen under the command of the One, known only as “The Arrivor”. The greatest Evil to ever threaten the Earth now looms over the world.

The world has produced many Evils, in many forms, that have threatened the forces of Light. But the forces for Good have always prevailed. Until now. In the middle of the second century (S)ince the (F)oundation of the Balstonian Empire (266 SF), there was a “disturbance”. Prophets, Seers, Diviners, and Oracles from across the Realms “sensed” the existence of a new Dark Force and the depths of its powers were stultifying. But they could see no more. What was it? Who was it? Where was it? Had it arrived or was it in the process of arriving? The answers to these question remain shrouded in mystery and protected by sinister forces. And so this new, penultimate Dark Enemy became known only as “The Arrivor”. Yet even without a physical presence, the new Dark Lord is able to gather and unite his Servants like never before. The Hordes gather for war in the North; the forces of Darkness work relentlessly to prepare for their final War which will overwhelm the known world.

And it is up to the Party of the Pendant to stop Him.

The Party of the Pendant (named for the distinctive pendants they wear) is an international band of heroes dedicated to fighting for Light and against the Shadow in all its forms. For five hundred years, the Party has waged a constant battle against Evil in its many forms and saving the world on numerous occasions. From its headquarters in Pendant Estate, on the eastern shores of the island of Shemar far to the south, the Party of the Pendant accepts good-aligned peoples from across the world who wish to join the adventuring group.

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