It is dawn on June 12th in the year 361 Since Foundation, in the Shemarian mountain-town of New Greyhawk. Despite the early hour, there is considerable activity in the hearth room of Baervan Castle. The Duke of Baervan was awakened in the middle of the night from a nightmarish vision that assaulted his dreams. But he was not alone. Across town, in the Shemarian Wizard Tower known as La Mirada del Sur (“The Tower of the South”), the Chancellor was also awakened by the same disturbing vision. Similarly, on the heights overlooking the walled town, in one of the oldest buildings on Shemar called The Monastery, the High Priest of the Gods of War and Magic was also awakened by the vision. The three members of New Greyhawk’s elite have hurriedly gathered in the Duke’s home to discuss what they have “seen”.

The vision as described by all three individuals is the same. They remember glimpses of some form of evil based out of a series of caverns in the mountains very near, and to the north, of New Greyhawk. They cannot identify anything more of the evil. But it has in its possession some weapon with the power to completely destroy the entire town of New Greyhawk! They don’t know what the weapon is or how it will be used. But they have the overwhelming sense that unless stopped, New Greyhawk will be wiped off the face of the earth at midnight two days from now (less than 48 hours)! The Duke, Chancellor, and High Priest do not know the source of the visions but they assume it must be an ally with information or some divinatory power that has been sent via dreams.

After discussing their common vision, the three influential leaders immediately discuss strategy as to how to save the town. Not surprisingly, the first option is shared by all three—contact the Party of the Pendant, the famous band of international heroes based out of Shemar. The Chancellor of La Mirada del Sur orders a whispering wind spell to be cast by the Tower in order to magically contact Pendant Estate, home to the Party of the Pendant, several days sail to the northeast. But the Governor of Pendant Estate communicates that the Party is presently on campaign. The Party’s current location prevents it being contacted through magical means. With time ticking, it becomes apparent that the Party cannot save New Greyhawk!

With only two days to spare, the town authorities debate evacuating New Greyhawk to save the population. Such a move, however, will assuredly alert the enemy. It needs to be eliminated, along with the threat, or it may be able to move and begin its evil machinations again. If the Party of the Pendant cannot help, perhaps others can. The Duke, Chancellor, and High Priest debate how best to put out a public call for adventurers, from within the walls of New Greyhawk with special talents that might be help.

As the sun is rising, the emergency call goes out…


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