Game Report #3

Cristabella “Bella” Menora was an assassin and leader of the Dripping Talisman Guild from Westmarshland. The dangerously beautiful woman quickly had words with Ku-Karo the Half-Orc assassin who was part of her organization.

Matina Miltonov was the Chancellor of La Mirada del Sur, an evoker from Port Titan who now made her home in New Greyhawk. With everything on the line and only 14 hours until the fated hour, The Chancellor decided to enter the field herself.

Drago Zarov was a young ranger from Hollickshore who along with his wolf companion had journeyed to the service center of New Greyhawk to pick up supplies.

The young ranger immediately went to work. He led the group further into the basin where the terrain began to descend into a narrow trench-valley. It did not take long for the party to come upon another warband of the Black Mountain Boys. Fortunately, the scouting of Drago the ranger and “Bella” the assassin allowed their group to gain surprise. The ten or so orcs were quickly slain. The magical spells of the Chancellor in battle along with the prayers of the Priest to enhance the abilities of the group proved very effective. Not surprisingly, Sir Rolando and his mount served as the centre of the group’s battle strategy. But “Bella” of the Dripping Talisman was quickly gaining renown in the group for her ability to stalk and kill.

The party was clearly getting closer to their objective because a Chimera suddenly landed on the rocky heights to their left. Before the group could respond, the dragon head blew fire upon the Chancellor, the priest, and the holy warrior and his mount. Matina, Arak, and Rolando were fatally wounded and were only kept from death by a considerable amount of spiritual and herbal healing. The young ranger, Jarak, proved his mettle, however, by seriously wounding the three-headed monster with a damaging shot from his bow. The Chimera was taken to the ground, preventing what surely would have been a terrible direct assault into the fallen group. Before the beast could recover, “Bella” assassinated the chimera by throwing a dagger.

With no time to search for the chimera’s lair, the Chancellor urged the group forward. At this point, Arak used his bless item prayer on his holy symbol to give it the power of divination. He asked his Gods to be drawn to the cavern complex. The prayer worked and he felt pulled in the direction the party was presently moving, down through the trench.

Confident that they were moving in the right direction, the group of five pressed on. Up ahead, Drago reported that he could see another orc war party. The orcs had not yet seen the group approaching. The warband consisted of an orcish shaman with another 10 orc warriors. The party launched a surprise attack.

Arak called forth the Dranschensgrab rains to fall upon the warband while his holy warrior, Sir Rolando, charged headlong into the orcs on his trusty steed. The Chancellor proved highly effective with her evocation spells that included a rolling ball of lightning that kept circling and damaging the orcs. Matina became the target of the orcs as a result, and suffered several wounds, including an arrow that went through her right wrist. Bella kept to the outside and cut the throats of several unsuspecting orcs. Drago and his wolf constantly harassed the enemy with arrows and quick strikes. But while the orcs were killed, the powerful orc shaman teleported away when all seemed lost.

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