Game Report #4

After travelling for less than half an hour, an air tunnel suddenly appeared. Stepping through were the following individuals:

Vintalle Finfirin was an Elven priest of the Seldarine from Alquandola, the capital city of the Realm of the Sun Elves in northern Quistom. He had been sent to Shemar as an ambassador and had recently travelled to New Greyhawk to lead a trade delegation.

Elyn Aldran was an Elven Holy Warrior of the Seldarine also from Alquandola. He had accompanied an Elven trade delegation to Shemar and New Greyhawk, and was serving as an Honor Guard.

Shrall Teeno was a monk of Apollo from the Golden Gauntlet Monastery in the mountain town of Candlekeep. He had come to New Greyhawk to negotiate for supplies for his Monastery.

Orius Hasquill was an earth elementalist of La Mirada del Sur. Originally from Lake Port on the northern shores of Lake Royale in the Wildlands of Shemar, he was splitting his time between working for the Wizard Tower and local mining companies.

Verleto Rustar was a military musician (bard) for the Platinum Legion.

Mori Haruhisa, samurai and abjuror of the Party of the Pendant also stepped through the air tunnel. He quickly took on a command position with the group. Apparently, the Japanese warrior/wizard had just returned to Pendant Estate from Middle Earth. He was informed by a desperate Governor of Pendant Estate, Kilur of the Northern Realms, of the whispering wind spell he had just received from New Greyhawk. Haruhisa departed immediately to see if he could help. He arrived in the town just in time to learn what was happening and then to travel through the air tunnel created by La Mirada del Sur.

Intelligence was quickly exchanged between the two groups and particularly between the Chancellor and Orius Hasquill of La Mirada del Sur. Bella the assassin and Drago the ranger indicated that they wished to continue with the group to finish the mission. Arak the Priest of the Gods of War and Magic passed his holy symbol, with the divination power to be drawn to the caverns, to the group. The three exhausted and wounded adventurers then passed through the air tunnel to New Greyhawk.

Time was now of the essence. Evening was approaching and by midnight tonight, if not prevented, the foretold event would happen. There were only six hours remaining until midnight when New Greyhawk would be destroyed. While the adventuring groups felt they were close, they still did not know the source of the threat or what form it would take.

As the group prepared to move on, Verleto the musician sang tales of legendary Party of the Pendant members to embolden his comrades. Spirits were raised!

Suddenly a large warband of Black Mountain Boys appeared on the ridge to the left of the Party. The Chieftain and the Shaman (the same one the previous group had encountered but had escaped) were leading the band. At first, it appeared all was lost. The shaman was able to assault the group with balls of green energy. Orc archers rained down upon the group. The samurai used his magical powers of blink to begin moving toward the Chieftain and the Shaman. He beheaded the Chieftain with one swing of his katana! Meanwhile, Orius the earth elementalist brilliantly used a spell to carve a set of stairs in front of him and directly to the shaman on the ridge! Prayers were offered up to the Seldarine by the priest Vintalle and his holy warrior Elyn. While “the golden boy” Shrall battled orcs going up the ridge, the bard Veleto sang songs to boost his group. The young ranger, Drago, had clearly gained confidence in his battle from his previous encounters because he was now dropping orc after orc with his arrows while his wolf aided his efforts. And as always, Bella of the Dripping Talisman was nowhere…until she suddenly appeared at the perfect instant to assassinate orcs.

When Mori Haruhisa managed to penetrate the shaman’s shield, he cut its head off again with one swing of his katana. The Black Mountain Boy Tribe itself, had now been decapitated! The orcs were searched and on the shaman was found a red mask with black web markings. Orius quickly identified it as a drow item—a spider mask. If worn, it would allow the wearer to see perfectly in all forms of darkness, see with infravision, travel through webs, command spiders, and climb walls and overhands.

There was no time to spare. The party moved forward along the trench line being guided by the holy symbol of the Gods of War and Magic. Within 20 minutes, they came to the entrance to a cave. Drago the ranger indicated that this was the entrance to a Chimera lair, surely the same beast that had recently been slain.

A torch was lit and the group of 8 entered the tunnel. Bella was able to convince Orius to give her the spider mask and she quickly scaled the ceiling and moved ahead of the group.

Approximately 150’ along the tunnel Bella discerned that it entered a cave. With the spider mask she was able to spot 6 drow levitating near the high cave ceiling in globes of darkness and armed with crossbow pistols. The room looked like it had recently been converted into a base. There were tables, benches, furs to sleep upon, and other such items to barrack the drow. Suddenly “the golden boy” came running into the room! The battle was on. When the drow warriors saw the elven priest and holy warrior enter the chamber, they turned on them with vengeance! Haruhisa entered and was confronted by a drow wearing elaborate armour, clearly the leader of the group. Every time that the samurai hit the drow commander, he simply vanished into thin air! But as the remainder of the group entered the warriors’ chamber, the drow were outnumbered and slain.

With no time to waste, the group quickly reformed and moved through the cave and along the tunnel.

Bella the assassin once again took the lead with the spider mask and scurried along the ceiling. Mori Haruhisa led the rest of the group.

Approximately 60’ ahead the tunnel curved around and opened into a larger cavern. This was the lair of the Chimera which the drow had obviously negotiated for takeover. It had now been transformed into the chamber of a drow wizard and she, along with the commander Haruhisa had already encountered, were defending the chamber. The entrance to the room was marked by poles upon which were impaled human children recently sacrificed to Lolth the Spider Queen.
A bed chamber had been set up to the left and an altar to the Goddess further along the all. But what dominated the room was an elaborate magical ritual set up. An open book sat on a stone dias, flanked by candles. In front of the dias was a glowing purple magical orb on a golden stand. In front of it was a pentagram and in its center a strange copper mechanical device with moving rotating pieces!

In front of the dais and book was a drow wizard. She stood watching the party enter the chamber. Yet she had a look of confidence on her face. The drow warrior in elaborate armour stepped forward and took up a defensive stance, his vicious looking blade spiraling in front of him.

The drow wizard began casting spells at the party. It was clear that although she was aware of the group’s presence, she had not been preparing. Instead, she was in the middle of the magical ritual that was about to destroy New Greyhawk. Her first spell filled the tunnel that the group was running through with sticky spider webs. While Bella was able to scamper through them with her spider mask, the remainder of the group was held fast. With prayers and spells, the party was able to remove the spider webs but the wizard followed with a series of mass death spells. Most of the group was felled, except for Mori (who flew at the drow commander) and Bella who crawled into a dark corner of the chamber. Vintalle the elven priest staggered and fell into the room, and began casting prayers against his hated enemy from the ground. But Shrall Teeno, the golden monk, was felled…and killed.

The battle against the drow wizard seemed to last forever but in reality it was only a matter of minutes. Haruhisa killed the drow commander but he was knocked to the ground in front of the wizard. She unloaded her spell storing on the fallen samurai. A ray of negation destroyed any and all protection he had versus disintegration and sure enough, she followed up with a spell susceptibility and then a disintegration spell! Mori Haruhisa would have been disintegrated if not a invulnerability spell protecting himself. Suddenly, the ever dangerous Bella threw a dagger that stuck deep into the throat of the drow necromancer. Looking stunned, she dropped to her knees and onto the stone floor. She was dead.

The band began to shout and cheer. Although they had lost the monk, all the others were alive. New Greyhawk had been spared with only a handful of hours to spare. The group set to searching the chamber and ensuring that the death of the drow (obviously the so-called “hooded man” described by the orcs) would halt the destruction of the town.

Haruhisa and Orius, as the magic users in the group, spent several hours studying whatever magical ritual the necromancer had been undertaking. Meanwhile, led by Vintalle  the elven priest, the others took down the bodies of the sacrificed and gave them proper burial. The body of “the golden boy” was prepared to be returned to New Greyhawk. Haruhisa and Orius were able to discern the following:

A Drow wizard of Wa’q Orbb “The Spider Tower” (Thesstra Kislek, level 15) had somehow discovered a scroll. It contains a spell that has the power to contain, harness, and then manipulate a massive area of magical energy. The objective was to use the magical power in La Mirada del Sur against itself to create a magical explosion that would destroy all of New Greyhawk. To succeed, the scroll must be read in an elaborate ritual, for one hour, every six hours without fail, for 9 days. The wizard had come to the New Greyhawk area along with her entourage (7 Drow warriors). She set up base 9 miles north of town in a cave complex. She negotiated protection with the local orc tribe (Black Mountain Boys) in exchange for a spider mask. She also negotiated use of the cave complex, as well as protection, from a chimera. The reason for attacking New Greyhawk–Thesstra was seeking to gain membership in Sorcere, the most powerful Drow Wizard Tower. She intended to use the destruction of New Greyhawk as an event worthy of allowing her entry.

With information gained, the dead buried, and the cavern complex searched, Mori Haruhisa cast a teleport spell that took them all back to New Greyhawk. They went immediately to Castle Baervan to provide a complete report.

In the days that followed, La Mirada del Sur learned that it was The Seers (of Shemar, who dwell atop the mountain to the south of New Greyhawk) that “saw” the destruction of New Greyhawk coming. The Seers sent visions (dreams) to the town authorities in an effort to warn them of the impending doom.


Game Report #3

Cristabella “Bella” Menora was an assassin and leader of the Dripping Talisman Guild from Westmarshland. The dangerously beautiful woman quickly had words with Ku-Karo the Half-Orc assassin who was part of her organization.

Matina Miltonov was the Chancellor of La Mirada del Sur, an evoker from Port Titan who now made her home in New Greyhawk. With everything on the line and only 14 hours until the fated hour, The Chancellor decided to enter the field herself.

Drago Zarov was a young ranger from Hollickshore who along with his wolf companion had journeyed to the service center of New Greyhawk to pick up supplies.

The young ranger immediately went to work. He led the group further into the basin where the terrain began to descend into a narrow trench-valley. It did not take long for the party to come upon another warband of the Black Mountain Boys. Fortunately, the scouting of Drago the ranger and “Bella” the assassin allowed their group to gain surprise. The ten or so orcs were quickly slain. The magical spells of the Chancellor in battle along with the prayers of the Priest to enhance the abilities of the group proved very effective. Not surprisingly, Sir Rolando and his mount served as the centre of the group’s battle strategy. But “Bella” of the Dripping Talisman was quickly gaining renown in the group for her ability to stalk and kill.

The party was clearly getting closer to their objective because a Chimera suddenly landed on the rocky heights to their left. Before the group could respond, the dragon head blew fire upon the Chancellor, the priest, and the holy warrior and his mount. Matina, Arak, and Rolando were fatally wounded and were only kept from death by a considerable amount of spiritual and herbal healing. The young ranger, Jarak, proved his mettle, however, by seriously wounding the three-headed monster with a damaging shot from his bow. The Chimera was taken to the ground, preventing what surely would have been a terrible direct assault into the fallen group. Before the beast could recover, “Bella” assassinated the chimera by throwing a dagger.

With no time to search for the chimera’s lair, the Chancellor urged the group forward. At this point, Arak used his bless item prayer on his holy symbol to give it the power of divination. He asked his Gods to be drawn to the cavern complex. The prayer worked and he felt pulled in the direction the party was presently moving, down through the trench.

Confident that they were moving in the right direction, the group of five pressed on. Up ahead, Drago reported that he could see another orc war party. The orcs had not yet seen the group approaching. The warband consisted of an orcish shaman with another 10 orc warriors. The party launched a surprise attack.

Arak called forth the Dranschensgrab rains to fall upon the warband while his holy warrior, Sir Rolando, charged headlong into the orcs on his trusty steed. The Chancellor proved highly effective with her evocation spells that included a rolling ball of lightning that kept circling and damaging the orcs. Matina became the target of the orcs as a result, and suffered several wounds, including an arrow that went through her right wrist. Bella kept to the outside and cut the throats of several unsuspecting orcs. Drago and his wolf constantly harassed the enemy with arrows and quick strikes. But while the orcs were killed, the powerful orc shaman teleported away when all seemed lost.

Game Report # 2

Suddenly, a vortex of swirling air appeared near the group. Through it stepped another group of adventurers. Reinforcements had arrived! The recruitment drive was continuing in New Greyhawk. After assembling another group, La Mirada del Sur cast a locating ways and an air tunnel spell to locate and then open a magical portal directly to the present party. Intelligence was passed along and the first group of weary and wounded adventurers took their leave and returned to New Greyhawk through the air tunnel. It was now approximately 34 hours to destruction.

The new group consisted of the following:

Yunlar was a slave who had become a well-known gladiator in The Stadium of New Greyhawk. He became so well known that he was dispatched to New Greyhawk to help train the Knightly Order of the Platinum Legion in hand-to-hand combat.

Khor Galmaw was a Gnoll from the Red Eye Tribe of the Valendil Forest. Over a year ago, Khor was part of the Gnoll band that attacked The Monastery for the Demon Lord Yeenoghu. He was captured, beaten, tortured for information, and thrown into the dungeons of Baervan Castle.

Bered Straka was a Battlemage from Hollickshore who was presently an affiliate of both La Mirada del Sur and the Platinum Legion.

Elwin Salvorro was an assassin from Tigone who plied the trade routes with a band of pirates along the coasts of southern Shemar, from Port Titan in the east to Port Augusto in the west. Dubbed “the Snake” for his cunning and ruthless nature, recently he had been captured on the seas by the Shemarian authorities and taken to face justice in New Greyhawk.

Ku-karo (no last name) was a half-orc half-Zinculan from western Shemar. He was an assassin of the Dripping Talisman who had traveled to New Greyhawk with the leader of his guild undertake “business.”

Tanvemar Sindo was a half-elven half-Shemarian bard from Port Ticonga. He was serving as an ambassador between the Anoraranian Elves and Shemar, and was in New Greyhawk to help negotiations for a trade deal.

The (more nefarious) group took over the mission and continued to travel north. They were increasing in altitude and moving toward an area that the locals called “the Basin” (an upper vale surrounded by three prominent peaks).

It did not take long for the warbands of the Black Mountain Boys to show up. A single drum began to beat, its booming sound echoing off the walls of the mountain trail. The drum was followed up by a chant “Black Mountain Boys! Black Mountain Boys”. But the small party was now ready for the orcs. The bard Tanvemar had already sung a few ballads to enhance the prowess of his party. The Gnoll warrior, Khor Galmaw, proved particularly effective and vicious in slaying orcs! While “the snake” was more intent on saving his own hide, the Battlemage and the slave gladiator managed to kill several orcs as well. The Half-Orc also proved particularly deadly form the shadows. The orcs were soon killed.

Once again, prisoners were taken. This time, two orcs surrendered after attempting to flee. One of them had his skull smashed in by the Gnoll to serve as incentive for the other more talkative one. With the half-orc translating, the party learned again of the “hooded man” who had come to the Black Mountain Boy tribe and made some sort of deal with the Chieftain and Shaman. Orc warbands would prevent residents of New Greyhawk moving north through the mountains. But the party also learned that while the Black Mountain village was located to the northwest, the hooded man had come from the northeast, from the Basin. “The Snake” tied the orc to a tree and told the group that he had given his word and did not want him killed. But as the group moved on, the Gnoll lagged behind. He moved toward the whining orc and slit its throat.

With the light of day ending, the party continued into the Basin. They came upon a small human settlement of only a handful of thatch-roofed buildings. “The Snake” was scouting ahead of the group and noticed that the half-dozen residents he could see were not moving. He quickly realized that they had been petrified (turned to stone). The pirate assassin remained hidden watching the area. Soon enough, he was movement in the foliage in the middle of the farmstead. A basilisk emerged. It moved toward one of the petrified villagers, bit off its hand, and began chewing on the stone!

“The Snake” returned to his party and reported what he had observed. The group very carefully moved into position around the settlement. They launched a surprise attack on the basilisk. With “The Snake” mounted on its back, the half-elven bard singing, Bered Straka the Battlemage engaging it in combat, and the half-orc assassinating from the trees, the basilisk was destroyed before it could turn any of them to stone. They did receive grievous wounds from its multiple claws however. Meanwhile, Yunlar and Ghor had entered the village and were already searching the buildings.

The group learned that the tiny settlement had been attacked by the basilisk over two weeks previous. The creature’s treasure was located in the foliage where it was constructing a lair. A large amount of platinum coins were discovered and a few potions but the group became suspicious that “the Snake” had possibly taken some of the treasure for himself. They decided to make camp in the settlement.

The rain ceased on the following morning and the sun was shining. There were now only 18 hours until the prophecied destruction of New Greyhawk. With coins filling his pockets, “The Snake” seemed much less interested in the mission and more inclined to think about abandoning the mission.

The party left the settlement and continued into the Basin. Within a few hours, they heard voices ahead. They carefully moved forward and came upon more of the Black Mountain Boy Tribe. This time they observed an orc shaman discussing strategy with five massive orc warriors. With Tanvemar singing the Ballad of Lomion Half-Elven, the group unleased a very effective ambush. While the shaman was able to unleash an energy ball on the group, the Battlemage, Gnoll, and Gladiator fell upon the group. It soon became apparent that “The Snake” had abandoned the group with most of the treasure! But the Ballad led to most of the orcish warriors and the shaman being disintegrated.

Game Report # 1

On 12 June in the year 361 Since Foundation, in the Shemarian mountain-town of New Greyhawk, three members of the local elite were awakened in the middle of the night from a nightmarish vision that assaulted their dreams. In Castle Baervan, the Duke was so shaken by the nightmare that he emerged from his bed chamber and ordered his attendants to alert others in his governing circle. But he was not alone. Across town, in the Shemarian Wizard Tower known as La Mirada del Sur (“The Tower of the South”), the Chancellor was also awakened by the same disturbing vision. Similarly, on the heights overlooking the walled town, in one of the oldest buildings on Shemar called The Monastery, the High Priest of the Gods of War and Magic was also awakened by the vision. With the sky growing lighter with the approach of dawn, the three members of New Greyhawk’s elite gathered in the Duke’s home to discuss what they “saw.”

The vision as described by all three individuals was the same. They remembered glimpses of some form of evil based out of a series of caverns in the mountains very near and to the north of New Greyhawk. They could not identify anything more of the evil. But it had in its possession some weapon with the power to completely destroy the entire town of New Greyhawk! They did not know what the weapon was or how it would be used. But they had the overwhelming sense that unless stopped, New Greyhawk would be wiped off the face of the earth at midnight two days hence (in less than 48 hours)! The Duke, Chancellor, and High Priest did not know the source of the visions but they assumed it must be an ally with information or some divinatory power sent via dreams.

After discussing their common vision, the three influential leaders immediately discussed strategy as to how to save the town. Not surprisingly, the first option was shared by all three—contact the Party of the Pendant, the famous band of international heroes based out of Shemar. The Chancellor of La Mirada del Sur ordered a whispering wind spell to be cast by the Tower in order to magically contact Pendant Estate, home to the Party of the Pendant, several days sail to the northeast. But the Governor of Pendant Estate communicated that the Party was presently on campaign. The Party’s current location (in Middle Earth) prevented it being contacted through magical means. With time ticking, it became apparent that the Party could not save New Greyhawk!

With less than two days to spare, the town authorities debated evacuating New Greyhawk to save the population. Such a move, however, would assuredly alert the enemy. The threat needed to be eliminated or could possibly move and begin its evil machinations anew. If the Party of the Pendant could not help, perhaps others could. The Duke, Chancellor, and High Priest debated how best to put out a public call for adventurers, from within the walls of New Greyhawk, with special talents that might be of help.

As the sun was rising, the emergency call went out. The bells atop the monastery and from the temples of the Gods of War and Magic began to ring. Town criers walked the streets calling out for adventurers with special skills to defend New Greyhawk to report immediately to Baervan Castle. Members of the Platinum Legion were visible on the streets and town guards took to the walls. Posters were distributed across the town. The jails and dungeons were searched for possible outlaws who could serve for their freedom. Anxiety and stress were palpable throughout New Greyhawk. The townsfolk did not know what was happening but something ominous was clearly afoot. 

Within several hours, a small group of adventurers (if they can be called such) came to Baervan Castle where they were greeted by the Duke, Chancellor, and High Priest. They were hastily interviewed and apprised of the situation. The group consisted of the following:

Amad Vanto was a bounty hunter from Dragonspeak who travels the settlements of Shemar seeking wanted posters and the rewards they offer.

Dakoles Demetria was a holy warrior from Berronar and a member of the esteemed Knightly Order of the Lightning of Zeus. Recently, Dacoles had been dispatched to New Greyhawk where he has been participating in joint military manoeuvers with his Order’s rival—The Platinum Legion.

Delgar Kato was a ninja of the Iron Claw who had recently been dispatched to New Greyhawk on an intelligence-gathering operation.

Jarik Bardel was a ranger from a small mining settlement in the Jagged Edge Mountains south of New Greyhawk. He was in town to sell pelts.

Astor Leonattos from Hrakoth-on-the-Lake was a Priest a Zeus from the Golden Temple of Desurick in southern Shemar. He was in New Greyhawk serving as a missionary.

Vabian Fantazella was a local musician who regularly performed with his flute in the various taverns of New Greyhawk.

Megnar Lursena was a shapeshifter from the Dragonspeak region. The huge man (who traveled with only a cloak and staff) had recently wandered into the mountain-pass town of New Greyhawk.

With little other choice, the Duke dispatched the seven adventurers north of New Greyhawk. Their mission: learn about and locate the threat. The Chancellor indicated that efforts to recruit more adventurers would continue. If and when groups were formed, the Wizard Tower would use magic to locate the group and open up portals to relieve the group and send reinforcements.

The small group left the gates of New Greyhawk, travelling north into the mountains. The bard, Vabian, sang a few songs as they travelled, which buoyed their spirits and confidence. The ranger searched for any strange tracks or signs. They journeyed for only a few hours in the grey and gloomy summer weather, however, when they were attacked by a group of 10 orcs from the local orc tribe (The Black Mountain Boys). The party responded well to the attack. The Greek Holy Warrior, mounted on his steed, served as the center of the battle and killed many orcs in several impressive charges. The shapeshifter morphed into a large griffon that snatched orcs and began flying them into rock faces. The orcs were killed but one was captured and interrogated. The ranger, Jarik, indicated that the Black Mountain Boy Tribe were a rather unorganized lot that was rarely encountered in groups of more than two or three. As the Bounty Hunter (who had been severely wounded in the battle) cut fingers off the orc prisoner, it was learned that a “hooded man” had come to the tribal village in the past fortnight. This individual had met with the Chieftain and Shaman. In return for some kind of payment, the Chieftain ordered his orcs to form warbands and begin scouting the mountain passes to the north of New Greyhawk. They were ordered to kill any and all non-orcish humanoids they came upon.

With Jarik leading, the party continued northward. Within a few hours, they came upon a displacer beast randomly wandering the area. The beast was attacked but it proved almost impossible to strike. Dakoles the Holy Warrior was badly injured. After finally wounding the beast, it fled.

By the mid-afternoon, the party was exhausted and wounded. The ranger reported that he was seeing orc tracks everywhere.