The Lake 2017-11My name is Robert Wardhaugh and I am the Dungeon Master (DM). I am currently Professor of History at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. The Game is mainly played from my basement set up in my home with players coming from the local London area as well as the more distant (2.5 hours) Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Players often travel to London for gaming trips from across Canada and even the United Kingdom. We have a group of approximately 25 players from Ontario, a dozen players in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a half dozen across the province of Saskatchewan, a scattering of others across Canada, and several from northern England. We also have several players (from anywhere in the world) joining sessions via webcam (using Google Hangouts). Sessions (usually 4-5 hours in length) are held whenever players travel into town, averaging several sessions a week. When people do travel to play, we “binge” sessions, often holding sessions in both day and evening for several days.