How is The Game unique?

What makes The Game unique? 

There are many D&D campaigns so what makes The Game unique? The answer to this question lies mainly in the campaign’s longevity. The Game has been played constantly and consistently since 1982. Now, there are many people out there who have been playing D&D since the late 1970s and early 1980s, so the campaign’s roots going so far back is not that rare in itself. What is unique, however, is the fact that The Game has never stopped or even take a break or hiatus for more than a couple weeks! This means that the campaign has been going non-stop since 1982, averaging several sessions a week. That is a lot of sessions! And inevitably, the result is a well-developed and detailed product. The world that has been created has considerable depth.

The Game is unique because it has a DM dedicated to its continuation. As long as I am alive and able, the Game will continue. The “never-ending” aspect of the Game is likely attached to some neurotic facet of my personality that allows me not to get bored and commit myself to its continuation. While I can’t claim to be good at many things in this life, I do believe that I am a good DM. Imagination has always been one of my fortes and I have always revelled in the role of story-teller. When combined with my love of fantasy, ability to write, and a strong (some would say authoritative;) personality, I am a natural DM. When it comes to games, I have always found myself drawn to games that allow development. Sit down and playing a game for a couple hours is fun; now tell me that you will keep the results of that game and I can build upon it, while developing the world around it…and I am hooked. But while most games (video games for example but even on the table, games like Settlers of Cataan indicate the same) have gone in this direction, I go even further. All implications are magnified when the duration is extended.

The Game is unique in its depth. This depth takes the form of a long campaign history, decades of development, imagination, and creativity, but also depth in the psychological and philosophical aspects of the campaign both in-game and out-of-game.

The Game is unique in its dynamic and balanced rule-system that allows for consistency but also change, thereby preventing the players from “beating” the system, the characters becoming too powerful, and the DM having to intervene arbitrarily.

The “homebrew” rule system works better than any other system out there. It is turn-based and the game pace at the table moves quickly (sometimes too fast for players apparently). But it also allows for more rolling the dice (the essential “action” portion of a session). And it is well balanced but yet dynamic.

The Game is unique in its pace of play and overall intensity of experience. Because the rule system allows quick game flow, players find the experience much more intense. Because death is the end and players cannot simply press the “reset” button and start new players at will, the experience is even more intense.

The Game is unique due to the world-class collection of miniatures and terrain.

The Game is unique in its group of over 50 players who are committed to friendship, fun, and imagination, and are willing to travel considerable distances to play. The Game is unique in its ability to serve as a friendship-maintainer over the many decades.