What Resources exist for the Game?

The main resource for the Game is our website, known as The Cave. While the Party of the Pendant has a Headquarters on the Prime Material Plane (Earth), located in Pendant Estate, outside the village of Ironthrust, on the island-nation of Shemar, it also has a top-secret HQ (built in a series of caverns) locatedContinue reading “What Resources exist for the Game?”

What is the premise? The plot? The story?

While the Northern Hordes that have gathered in the Burned Lands of the North are “primitive, uncivilized, and savage,” they have been given common cause and have fallen under the command of the One, known only as “The Arrivor”. The greatest Evil to ever threaten the Earth now looms over the world. The world hasContinue reading “What is the premise? The plot? The story?”

What is the campaign setting? What world is the campaign set in?

An alternative fantasy version of historical Earth. Imagine the Earth, your Earth, in ancient times, in medieval times. But it isn’t your Earth. No, it isn’t your Earth at all. It is similar to your Earth in that ancient Rome exists, as does Greece. Sparta, Athens, Macedonia, they are all there. The Gauls span EuropeContinue reading “What is the campaign setting? What world is the campaign set in?”