What Resources exist for the Game?

The main resource for the Game is our website, known as The Cave.

While the Party of the Pendant has a Headquarters on the Prime Material Plane (Earth), located in Pendant Estate, outside the village of Ironthrust, on the island-nation of Shemar, it also has a top-secret HQ (built in a series of caverns) located in an air pocket on the elemental plane of Earth. An Earth elemental (named Haroch) serves as Governor to The Cave.

The website is built around this concept. It contains numerous “rooms”, each containing links to information. For example, the Map Room provides access to a massive collection of maps; the Gallery contains biographies (and portraits) of every party member to ever serve with the Party of the Pendant; the Alchemy Lab contains the massive database of magical spells (including incantations and hand movements), potion and magical item recipes/processes; the Library contains many important documents such as explaining all the classes and skills, the history of the world, prophecies, campaign documents, etc.;  the Armoury contains weapons collected for purchase; the Smithy contains charts for smithing; the Training Room contains charts indicating how many training days it takes to develop skills; the Ranger’s Den contains documents on plants, poisons, traps, familiars, and tracks; the Temple contains Alcoves for many religions, containing relevant information for priests including prayerbooks.