Session Report: January 8, 359

Uzochokwe Chigozie Aboado

Location: Yeenoghu’s Realm
Dates: January 8th, 359 SF
Members Present: Callimor, Dernaan, Haruhisa, Laegrim, Magnus, Olias, Uzo, Vang, Zaos
Mission: Hunt for the Exarch

The Legend of Uzochokwe Chigozie Aboado

“Yeenoghu had sworn to make the Gnoll Lands great. But now the Wall was down. The Realm was vulnerable to a flood of immigrants from all over the world. The infamous Party of Pendant had arrived.”

“We were joined in the field by the elf prince Zaos and his sidekick Vang, the quarter-human. Uzo had though we had been a bit short on the elf front, and this restored much needed balance. The Wall had prevented one of our favorite tactics, Scry-and-Die. The process is simple, pick your target, scry where they are, teleport directly on top of them, and unleash hell. We decided that we would target one of Yeenoghu’s generals, and selected the albino gnoll known as the Exarch. There was some discussion as to the identity of the Exarch, as an albino gnoll shaman named Nezrebe had been slain twenty years earlier when the Veterans had interrupted Yeenoghu’s summoning ritual.”

“Olias sought clarity and sang of the Tapestries of Time. We were granted access to the Halls of Mandos, where the Tapestries woven by Vaire were safekept. The tapestries we viewed were of the foulest nature. Death, disease, rape, cannibalism, filth of all kinds. At the centre of each tapestry was an enormous albino gnoll. But it was clear that it was not the same gnoll in each tapestry, the face and body changed as the years rolled past. Three things remained constant: the gnoll was always albino (although often so stained and dirty as to be hard to tell), was clearly suffering from some kind of disease of the lungs, and always bore a great and terrible yellow sword – the name “Barghu” stayed with us. We speculated that the Exarch was not a single individual, but a position to which different gnolls were elevated as needed. The price of that high standing looked terrible indeed, Uzo can only assume that the power and status gained was sufficient recompense.”

“Conducting a successful scry-and-die is a beautiful thing. To the on the receiving end it less than ideal. The Exarch must have been alerted to our divination on him, and kindly saved us the trouble of locating him, by coming to us. Waves of negation, mass paralysis and mass deaths, and spell drainers rained down upon us. The exarch appeared in a cloud of flies, accompanied by a gnollish general and a spectral gnoll shaman. Five elite gnollish warriors, known as blades engaged us, while eleven gnollish archers of unusual size peppered us with arrows.”

“We were thrown onto our back foot, many party members dying, paralyzed or both. A colossal egg appeared and started to hatch. Those that could fought valiantly, but we were being overwhelmed. In desperation, the party fell back to the cave. There we located Agmundr, Leandro, Rargsha and Ziljian. It was good to see the big Viking, but there was no time for greetings. A door was opened back to the battlefield. Uzo charged through. Unfortunately, only one party member could pass through the door at a time. This led to a few tense moments until someone was able to do a mass teleport and bring everyone through at once. Reinforced, we took the fight to the Exarch. He was forced to teleport out with the gnollish general and the leader of the Blades. The rest of the gnolls and the newly-hatched ghouls were left to fight. Without supernatural aid, and with the party reinforced, they could not stand against us and were destroyed. The forearm blades of the Blades, from which they drew their name, were unusable to party members, but were of the highest quality. Several party members acquired the blades and planned to augment their personal weapons with them.”

“It was abundantly clear to us, based both on our encounter with the Exarch and Yeenoghu, that we were trespassers in this land. While we are capable of taking the fight to the enemy, while we were in the Realm, they were just as capable as bring the fight to us. We would have to be on constant guard.”

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