Session Report: January 3, 359

Uzochokwe Chigozie Aboado

Location: Pendant Estate and Yeenoghu’s Realm
Dates: January 1st – January 7th, 359 SF
Members Present: Callimor, Dernaan, Haruhisa, Laegrim, Leandro, Magnus, Olias, Rargsha, Uzo, Vakharim, Xochi, Ziljian
Mission: Banish Yeenoghu – Preparation and first steps

The Legend of Uzochokwe Chigozie Aboado

“Every couple of years the party gathers in strength to achieve a grand objective. The slaying of a Ring Wraith. The banishment of a Demon Lord. A, umm, trek through the Abyss. Uzo has never joined such a venture, but now the time had finally come. The word had gone out, meet at Pendant Estate January 1st. The target, the odious and odorous God of Gnolls, Yeenoghu.”

“Uzo passed his time recuperating is the Ashanti lands. The return of Sironka Simu was a major even for Ghana, and the Asantehene had to be informed. Her people, the Maasai, had been absorbed into the Ashanti Empire almost a decade ago. Would her reappearance spark a revolt? Lead to the revival of the Order of the Butterfly? Yet another factor amongst countless others. On the appointed date, Uzo returned to Pendant Estate. Many others were gathered, but the Governor informed us that some members had gone Basilisk hunting and would not return for a couple more days.”

“After the false start, we were ready of January 3rd. Twelve members had gathered, with the word that more would join us in the coming days. Even with the coming struggle, there was much excitement in Pendant Estate. Old friends long unseen, new members never met. No less than three Rats. Differences were hashed out, or papered over depending on your perspective. But the comradery was strong, as was the unity of purpose.”

“It had been some years since we had last taken up against Yeenoghu and we needed fresh intelligence. Haruhisa used a whispering wind asking Drull the White to attend the meeting; within the hour the great mage had joined us. Drull advised that Yeenoghu had not been idle while we had been focussed on other matters. Yeenoghu’s main objective was to remain on our world and raise his people to greatness. To that end, a great spiritual wall now surrounded the Gnoll Territories, now called Yeenoghu’s Realm (the Realm). The wall prevented all forms of divination from being used on those in the Realm. Even if we entered the realm we would not be able to divine Yeenoghu or his servants as long as the wall stood. Even Drull could not penetrate the Wall.”

“Drull could tell us that the Realm consisted of sixty-six gnoll tribes, with a highly decentralized structure. There were many gnoll shaman in the Realm, but only a handful of temples. The priests wear dark brown robes, soaked in blood and filth and never cleaned. The new moon is their holy night. Most significantly, Daneland had fallen to the gnolls. Widespread slaughter and slavery had followed and was ongoing.”

“Drull’s focus suddenly shifted and words of power were spoken. ‘You have a spy in your midst.’ There was a scream from the back of the room. The Governor was on fire. Drull labelled the Governor as a servant of Yeenoghu, who had long been passing party strategy and movements to his patron. On Drull’s advise the Estate was locked down and all occupants were brought before the Jade Serpent. A further six spies were uncovered and executed. Olias used true sight to confirm that it was Drull before us, and we weren’t being further tricked.”

“After the ensuing bedlam settled, it was our turn to update Drull on our activities. Drull was intrigued by the release of Sironka Simu, calling her a great hero. He was even more intrigued by the news of the Githyanki and their plots at the bottom of the world. Little is known about this race that wanders behind stars and between worlds. Even less is know about what their goals are. With the exchange of information complete, Drull departed.”

“For three days the party discussed strategy. And drank. Some argued that, rather that strike out for the Realm, we should instead focus on getting our own house in order, setting protections upon the cave and Pendant Estate. In the end, the focus was kept on Yeenoghu. Dernaan prayed for information about the Wall. That night he dreamed he was in the mountains. Before him was as impossibly tall wall. No matter which way he turned, Dernaan could find no way past or through the wall.”

“On the third evening, Callimor prayed and numerous holy, Greek prostitutes appeared. An orgy ensued. Xochi declined to participate, and Haruhisa spent much of the time watching the other couplings while almost neglecting his own companion. In the morning all who had participated had numerous blessings bestowed by the goddess Venus. Thus fortified, we teleported to Daneland.”

“The location we had selected was a small village to the East of Alvborg; three years earlier the party had rested in a barn there, only to be ambushed by gnolls. There was no longer much village to speak of. Just some ruins. Also, numerous human heads on pikes. And two dozen gnolls. The ensuing battle had its dodgy moments, but was successful. It wasn’t so much rust, as party members learning how to best fight together in such a large group. All performed well, particularly Laegrim, who turned several gnolls into butterflies, and Haruhisa, who decapitated the gnoll shaman.”

“There was debate about whether to turn East, towards the Realm, or West to Alvborg and intelligence. We settled on heading North a short distance, to remove ourselves from the recent battle, and made camp. That night, Uzo dreamed. Uzo was walking through a narrow ravine. Jagged rock stretched far overhead. Smells of rotting flesh and excrement filled my nostrils. The rock was marked with crude drawings, violent and sexual in nature. Driven forward by a fell presence somewhere behind, Uzo began to run. The ravine opened, at its centre, a pool of feces. Emerging from the ravine came an enormous Gnoll with a three-headed flail. The Gnoll laughed and swung. Uzo awoke in his tent, dying. All around the camp there were screams and moans.”

“Callimor, Haruhisa, Leandro, Olias, Rargsha, Xochi and Ziljian had shared the dream. Each of us had faced Yeenoghu in our sleep. Several of us had awoken dying. Those who had resisted the death call were still shaken, and could not carry out any action with their usual proficiency. Nothing less was expected when dealing with a preeminent Demon Lord, but God this was going to be a long slog.”

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