Session Report: January 8, 359

Dernaan Dark

Date: January 8, 359 S.F.

Members Present: Dernaan, Callimor, Haruhisa, Laegrim, Magnus, Olias, Uzo

Location: Yeenoghu’s Realm

Mission: Prepare to bring down the spiritual barrier

From the Diary of Dernaan Dark:

January 8, 359 (Report # 2/13)

Ziljian, Xochi, Vakharim, Leandro and Rarghsha all left to return to the cave and wait for any others that would seek to join our mission via our home base.

Almost immediately after their departure, we heard yelping coming towards us, seeing that Yeenoghu himself and several Gnolls teleported in and came towards us (was Yeenoghu real???). Olias cast Arduval’s Stardust, killing all the Gnolls, but Yeenoghu laughed as he easily resisted the spell, and swept us with his massive flail, causing great damage and sending us flying. I’d later learn from Olias (true site) that this was indeed the real Yeenoghu.

Uzo swung his mighty battle axe, aiming for Yeenoghu’s head, shouting a familiar “UZO!” as he did.  For a brief moment I cheered, it looked as though I saw Yeenoghu’s head come clean off.  But it must have been wishful thinking, as instead, I only saw a glyph on his armband temporarily glow and then quickly darken.  It must have been enough to scare him off, as he eventually teleported away after using much of our healing.

Several of us had been paralyzed by the sight of him, as well as his flail.  Olias told us of one of Markus’ teachings: “A man is but a product of his thoughts, believe you ca be free, and you will”.  I wanted to believe him, but I am skeptical to say the least, that I could free myself from the paralyzed hold of a Gnoll god, with words alone.

After catching our wits, I turned us to birds and we flew east for one hour.  During this journey of approximately 50 miles, the mountains slowly gave way to hills and we flew down into a valley on the border of the burned lands.  Only Olias could see the super natural barrier, as it looked like nothing to us, not the impenetrable and infinite stone wall that I had seen in my dream.

I forget how now (Olias mysticism perhaps?), but here we learned that 60 Gnoll shaman had prayed together for several months each, to erect this wall. And an almost infinite power of severs and negations would be required to bring down the wall.  We learned that there were two holy sites where the wall was created and a simple negation at these “weak” points could bring down the entire wall.  They consisted of places call “The Muckery” and “The Pit”.  We were able to physically pass through the wall, but could not scry any information from outside or inside of the barrier.  We were certain countless horrors must be occurring without our knowledge and the sooner we could bring the wall down, the better.  At noon, we sent a whispering wind to Leandro to pass on this information.

We debated what to do next.  We estimated that it could be upwards of 1000 miles to The Pit, so we decided we would need more information and that we should seek to capture some Gnolls in the area for interrogation. There were mountains to the north and hills to the south, we decided to continue to walk southeast. This afternoon, Magnus found some tracks that we followed.  One thing of note in this area was a LOT of flies.  Many, I’m sure, due to the dung, but they seemed to swarm, almost following us…

We lost the trail and the sun was beginning to set, so we decided to set up camp and rest for the night.  While setting up, we spotted a group of Gnolls, about to launch an ambush on us.  We released from storing and were able to drop many of them.  Their shaman remained and attempted their infamous prayer of turning blood to piss.  Thankfully it failed and the shaman was eventually silenced.  Magnus ego-whipped him, stunning him, giving us the time we needed to recover.  Callimor stabbed the shaman on the ground, ending his life.  We were able to finish off the remaining Gnolls, save one, which Uzo charmed with Laegrim’s wand.

We inquired about The Pit and found out it is situated just outside the city of Ynog, where there is a temple to Yeenoghu.  The Muckery was a filthy holy site and temple to Yeenoghu as well, located far north of us on the coast, just outside Yeentar. Ynog was 500 miles east of the settlement of Basash, which was 200 miles east of our current location.  There were two major Generals of Yeenoghu’s army, a priest known as the “flesh eater” and the “flayer”, as well as an albino warrior with spiritual power called the “Exarch”.

The Pit is a holy site that has an outdoor temple where, when the moon is blocked, great rituals happen.  The Muckery is a holy pilgrimage site, where all Gnolls are supposed to travel to at some point in their life.  We also learned that the flies watch the lands on behalf of Yeenoghu, so he would know where we were.

We asked about the closest settlements and found out that one named “Salij” was several days to the south, there was a stone fort to the east and a tribal pack one week’s journey to the north. We also learned some key information, that there were those who lived in the wastelands east and northeast of Ynog that oppose Yeenoghu.  These lands were supposedly haunted by Ghouls that ate Gnolls and the Gnolls were told to stay away from these lands.

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